Design and build of the Inspiration blog for Farmers, which runs on Craft CMS and integrates with a legacy e-commerce platform

Co-designed a prototype app for Placemakers to make creating, updating and tracking orders easier for their trade customers

Upgraded Hawthorne Coffee Roasters' online store to Shopify for high cost-effectiveness and easy integration with Unleashed

Design and build of a lightweight, modular, responsive HTML framework for the rapid production of event or brand based landing pages

Co-design and build of Powershop's website, increasing customer conversions to the world’s first online power company

Design and build of an interactive, touchscreen-friendly kids sticker album for the fair trade brand All Good Bananas

Designed and built three versions of the website for Hobsonville Point housing development as it grew from concept to generating sales

Design and build of the Small Homes Test Lab website for Hobsonville Point, reflecting the homes’ experimental design

This campaign concept proved highly versatile and improved recall for Prometheus Finance, NZ's first responsible finance company

Naming and design of a versatile visual identity for Urban Ledgers, a new kind of book-keeper launching in London

Dec 2023

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Glue Design is me, Tim Archer. I’m an award-winning web designer and Craft CMS developer with over 20 years’ experience. I provide branding, design and web development that scales for any organisation seeking a high-end, affordable service.


I've designed and built everything from logos to large-scale websites for brands of all sizes, including Farmers, Fletcher Building, Powershop and Hobsonville Point.


I pride myself on both the quality of my work and my service, and I never upsell or lock-in my clients. That's why Glue has been around for eleven years and counting.


You'll get high-end agency talent without the high fees. I'll work with what you have, spread your costs, and build you a brand or website that will grow with you for years.